Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pushing The Restart Button

It's been a while since I've blogged.  I even got rid of it for a while. Deleted the whole entire thing.  So typical me.  Write stuff for two years, get disgusted, then erase it like it never happened in the first place. I'm also the worst for buying things impulsively then later regretting it....Buyer's Remorse.  That's why I always keep my receipt.  Just in case.

Anyway, I'm starting over again.  Pressing the Reset Button if you will.  I have a few things that will be the primary focus of this blog:
  1. My book that I'm currently writing. Very excited about that.
  2. Weight loss!  When am I not focused on weight loss? 
  3. Religion and Spirituality.
  4. Random rants.
I'm thinking of making a separate pages for these topics. That way, you can choose what you'd like to read.

So, here's to me for starting anew.  And, here's to you, too.  I hope you enjoy this blog and check in often!